The World’s Most Expensive Limited-Edition Chips Are $56 and All Sold Out

One of Sweden’s leading microbreweries tapped into the world of luxury snacks

The stunt was pulled off by Swedish advertising agency, Abby Priest. 

St. Eriks Brewery in Sweden created a high-class snack for its high-quality craft beer: a $56 box of five potato chips.

The pricey chips, created by chef Pi Le, comprise rare Nordic ingredients such as matsutake mushrooms from forests in northern Sweden, crown dill from the Bjäre Peninsula, truffle seaweed from the Faroe Islands, Leksand onion, and India Pale Ale Wort, Next Shark reported.

"All of the chips have been made by hand," the chef told Adweek. "It took a delicate touch, a finely honed sense of taste and time to ensure that each chip would achieve a perfect balance between the various ingredients. The taste is a very Scandinavian one. … Most people recognize potatoes and onions, but what stands out is the quality. All of the ingredients are of a stature that not many will have tried before. These chips are an excellent accompaniment to craft beer, or simply enjoyed on their own."


Only 100 boxes of the limited-edition chips were made, and they have already sold out.