World's First Portable Gluten Sensor To Be Released This Year

Portable gluten sensing device, Nima, seeks to eliminate uncertainty for anyone on a gluten free-diet, for whatever their reason.

The device works by placing a small sample of food into a one-time use capsule that is then ground up when the lid is sealed shut. The mixture in the capsule reacts with the food, and is then released to the test strip in the capsule. From there, the device uses sensors to read and analyze the test strip and a result is given in the form of a smiley face or a sad face. A smiley face indicates a gluten presence of under 20 parts per million. The process takes a little over two minutes, according to the product website.

The Nima app allows users to log in dishes they have tested so others won't have to. This is especially helpful as the capsules cost $3.99 each and can only be used once.

Nima will be available for purchase this summer for $249, or you can preorder it for $199, according to Macworld. The starter kit contains a Nima device, three capsules, a micro USB cable, and a carrying pouch.