This Is The World's Best Cheese

The World Cheese Awards just crowned its 2016 Super Gold Award winner: Kraftkar, a blue cheese from Norwegian cheese producer Tingvollost.

Kraftkar, which comes from a small family farm and is made from cow's milk, blew away the stinky competition, beating out 3,000 other cheeses from around the globe.

"The mold in this cheese is developed really nicely," Nick Tsioros of Canada's Olympic Cheese, a judge in the competition, told Bustle. "It's very evenly distributed. On top of that, the texture is great: when it crumbles you get a soft creaminess. And on the finish, it coats your tongue with a real soft landing."

The 29th annual competition was a part of the International Cheese Festival. There were 66 teams of judges who worked around the clock to sample and grade thousands of cheeses based on color, texture, and taste. The best cheeses were awarded bronze, silver, or gold medals, while the all-around best cheese was given the Super Gold Award.

The Kraftkar cheese is unfortunately only available throughout Scandinavia, but we're hoping that Tingvollost will expand its borders for the sake of its award-winning cheese.