World-Renowned Chef Mads Refslund to Open ‘Fire and Ice’ in Brooklyn

One of the Noma co-founders has the ‘future of dining’ in the works in Williamsburg
Mads Refslund

The Nordic food craze continues in NYC with Refslund’s new restaurant. 

With the opening of Claus Meyer’s Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central this year and Mads Refslund’s Acme in NoHo back in 2012, the Nordic food scene in New York City has yet to slow down. Refslund revealed to James Corden of “The Late Late Show” in a Meridian video that he plans to open a new rustic restaurant, Fire and Ice, in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Refslund explained to Corden that the concept of fire and ice “takes it back to nature.” The new restaurant will include a bonfire and an iceberg in the kitchen.

“Everything is clean with natural flavors. This is the future of dining — be more simple, and don't pollute the food. It's not really a restaurant. It's more like a kitchen. A kitchen with a restaurant inside of it,” Refslund said in the video.

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Details of the exact location and opening date have yet to be announced.