A Woman Was Denied A Second Job Interview At A Food Delivery Service For Asking About Pay

Job hunting isn't always easy, and one woman in Canada learned that first hand when she was denied a second interview after asking about pay and benefits. Taylor Byrnes, a potential candidate for a job at SkipTheDishes food delivery service in Winnipeg, Manitoba, tweeted screenshots of her interaction, which have gone viral.

In Byrnes's initial email, she wrote: "Hi Victoria, I had another question that I wanted to ask you. If I do end up filling this position, how much do you think I'll be getting paid an hour? Benefits will also be included, right? Sorry, I just thought I should ask now. Thanks for your time and have a lovely day."

In response, company employee Victoria wrote: "Hello Taylor, your questions reveal that your priorities are not in sync with those of SkipTheDishes. At this time we will not be following through with our meeting this Thursday." In one of the three screenshots of the conversation, Victoria wrote that Byrnes's questions were valid, but came off as a "concern related to organizational fit."

After the tweet went viral, the company's cofounder reached out to Byrnes to apologize. The brand also took screenshots of the apology and posted them to Twitter.

"We are very disappointed in how it was handled," Joshua Simair, cofounder of SkipTheDishes, wrote to POPSUGAR in an email. "We do share a compensation package prior to hiring. As soon as we became aware of it on Monday, we reached out to Taylor to apologize for the email and reschedule her interview."

According to POPSUGAR, Byrnes has not commented on the apology.