Woman Trashes Ex-Boyfriend’s Car with a Barbecue Grill During Argument

The woman was angry that he kicked her out of his car
Woman Trashes Ex-Boyfriend’s Car with a Barbecue Grill During Argument

Police arrested her in their shared home later that night. 

A Florida resident was arrested after an argument with her ex-boyfriend led her to smash his car with a barbecue grill, shattering the windshield and denting the hood of the vehicle.

The two had been arguing over her drinking habits, according to police. The woman, Laura Giles, was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Giles was kicked out of the car by David James for “drinking too much” and kicking his car. James drove to their shared home with their teenage son in the car.

When Giles herself arrived home, she used a barbecue grill to shatter the windshield of James’ car and create a serious dent in the hood, resulting in an estimated $1,500 in damages.

She is also accused of hitting James in the back with a broomstick until it broke into pieces and throwing a patio chair through a window.

When confronted by police, Giles reportedly responded, “Oh, poor him — a cut on his back.”

Giles was arrested by local police later that evening on charges of battery of criminal mischief.  

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