Woman Told to Eat Outside or Leave for Bringing Her Service Dog Into a Restaurant

The woman said she had eaten at the Texas restaurant with her service dog before

This is Sarah Rutherford's service dog that wasn't allowed inside the Texas restaurant.

A woman who recently brought her service dog with her to a restaurant was asked to eat outside or leave.

When Sarah Rutherford brought her dog to Wasabi, a sushi restaurant in Tyler, Texas, managers asked her to either eat outside or leave because she did not have any form of identification for her service dog. She posted this video on Facebook of her conversation with one of the managers.

Texas law states that people with disabilities do not need proof of certification for a service animal. Rutherford, who said the service animal helps her with seizures, tried to explain to the management that her dog does not violate any health codes. She alleges that she has taken her to the restaurant before.

“I tried to explain to him my purpose for having her and how important it was and he was still like no sorry, it's against health code violations for the animal to be inside the restaurant,” Rutherford said to KLTV.

According to Tyler Morning Telegraph, both Rutherford and Wasabi are pursuing legal action.


“It was embarrassing to go into a place and being told I'm not allowed to eat inside and told I have to eat outside because I'm disabled,” Rutherford told KLTV.