Woman Kicked Out of McDonald’s For Bringing Her Pet Kangaroo to Lunch

A woman took her “therapy” kangaroo to a McDonald’s in Wisconsin, but management was none too pleased
Woman Kicked Out of McDonald’s For Bringing Her Pet Kangaroo to Lunch

Since animals are not allowed inside McDonald’s, she and her companion had to hop away. 

We’ve certainly heard of therapy dogs, and even therapy cats… but therapy kangaroos? When Diana Moyer took her pet kangaroo — an eight-month old Joey named Jimmy — into a Wisconsin McDonald’s, she was promptly kicked out, even after proclaiming that the kangaroo served as her support therapy animal.

Pets are not allowed inside McDonald’s unless they are guide or therapy animals, and it looks like police didn’t buy Moyer’s story either, according to RT.

But there’s even more to this McSupial story: according to Moyer, she had been taking Jimmy in to the same McDonald’s for three months, and had not yet encountered an issue. She even takes him to church, and has yet to hear a peep from the pews there. Moyer is an animal-lover who lives on a 70-acre farm with deer, horses, ducks, geese, chickens, a dog, and peacocks. Furthermore, this is the seventh kangaroo she has helped to raise.

“While it’s an unusual call, certainly handled in an appropriate manner going in and ultimately getting what we'd like to get voluntary compliance with the ordinance, there was not a reason for arrests or other citations issued,” Beaver Dam police detective Ryan Klavekoske told The Daily Citizen.

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