Woman Incites Tire Iron Fight Over Wrong Taco Bell Order

A woman in St. Paul, Minnesota, has been charged with riot in the second degree for starting a fight with Taco Bell employees and customers after receiving the wrong order.

The woman, 24-year-old Laresha Marie Uting, was with two friends as they placed an order in the restaurant's drive-thru. When they were given an incorrect order, the trio parked the car and came into the restaurant.

Uting and her friends began yelling at Taco Bell employees until another group of customers intercepted, telling them to leave.

According to the police report, Uting then got a tire iron from her car and gave it to one of her friends, who struck a teenage customer over the head, causing a laceration.

A second customer was then forced to the ground in an attack by Uting's accomplices as he attempted to exit the restaurant.

When police arrived to the scene, Uting apparently attempted to defend her actions, saying that she "only grabbed the tire iron because someone threw a chair at them."

The manager also told police that he had been able to verify that the group's order was correct.