The Woman Behind '300 Sandwiches' Proposal Project Is Now A Senior Food Editor At Yahoo

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Stephanie Smith, the former Page Six reporter and blogger — who you might better recognize as "300 Sandwiches lady," the woman whose boyfriend famously promised a proposal after she made him 300 unique sandwiches — has been named a senior food editor at Yahoo, according to a press release.

Smith, whose blog 300 Sandwiches gained national attention and a mixed public reaction, famously got her ring at sandwich 256 — 44 sandwiches short of her then-boyfriend's challenge. And though she told the New York Post that she was "shocked" at the early proposal, she said yes.

"Eric is a man of his word," Smith told Page Six at the time. "He always calls when he says he will, follows through on vacation plans and is never more than three minutes late for dinner or a movie.... When we headed to Barbados for a vacation with four of our close friends last week, I didn't suspect a thing."

Smith also turned her project into a memoir, 300 Sandwiches: A Multilayered Love Story... with Recipes.

In her new role, which begins mid-September, Smith will focus on "food-related current events, trends, and personalities," according to Yahoo. Smith will report to Yahoo's food editor-in-chief, Kerry Diamond.