Why Bobby and Nacho Flay Are The Cutest Dynamic Duo Ever

Nacho, the orange Maine Coon, is swooning us over with his Instagram account

Nacho and Bobby clearly love each other very much.

There are many famous celebrity and pet duos. Paula Deen and her dog Max, Kylie Jenner and her Greyhound Norman, and Dwayne Johnson with his French bulldogs.

These days, one of the most famous human-and-cat relationships involves Taylor Swift and her adorable kitty Meredith (Meredith even has her own Twitter account).

But, step aside Taylor Swift, because Bobby Flay is gracing social media with his adorable orange Maine Coon cat named Nacho. Nacho is taking the world by storm with his own Instagram account and we have officially fallen in love.

Here are some of Nacho’s best moments.

1. When he helps out in the kitchen.


Dad just scolded me for being ON the stove ... C'mon, I'm looking for the Wild Striped Bass

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He is obviously the perfect sous chef.

2. When he tries to help pick a tequila.


It's national Tequila day.. What's better than Nachos and Tequila???

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Which one will get me drunk right meow?

3. When he washes his paws before eating.


I'm here for some tuna.. But first, I will wash my paws.

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Germs are gross.

4. When he offers you some watermelon.

“Oh you want some? Too bad, it’s all for me.”

5. When he is tired after a long day of cooking.


What's better than a cold slab of marble to chill on?? I'll have some sushi please

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This has all been very nice, but I could go for a catnap now.