White Castle Will Start Serving Breakfast All Day This September

Now you can enjoy breakfast sliders any time of the day

White Castle will begin serving breakfast all day on September 10.

Following McDonald’s move to serve breakfast all day, White Castle announced that beginning September 10, they will do the same.

Their new campaign is called Anything, Anytime, meaning that anything on the menu will be served until White Castle closes. This includes their sausage, egg, and cheese slider; bacon, egg, and cheese slider; sausage, egg, and cheese on toast; and French toast sticks.

In addition to their current breakfast menu, White Castle will also offer a line of Belgian waffle menu items, including the Belgian waffle breakfast sliders, chicken and waffle slider, sausage and gravy waffle slider, and the strawberries and cream waffles for a limited time.

“We strive to deliver the best breakfast in the industry, so in honor of September being National Better Breakfast Month, we invite you to enjoy one of our breakfast classics made with fresh cracked eggs!” Jamie Richardson, White Castle vice president, said in the press release.


White Castle has been serving breakfast for almost 30 years, starting with the sausage and bacon, egg, and cheese sliders.