Where to Eat in New Orleans, According to Nicolas Cage

The interviewer needed a place to take his mom to dinner, so he turned to Nicolas Cage.
Where to Eat in New Orleans, According to Nicolas Cage

Cage’s upcoming film ‘The Runner’ was filmed in NOLA. 

Nicolas Cage, the uncategorizable star of such wide-ranging films as Adaptation and Season of the Witch, has a rich history with the city of New Orleans.

Did you know, for example, that he owned a historic house known as the most haunted home in America? Unfortunately, the home was later foreclosed upon and sold due to Cage’s financial issues.

But we digress — Cage knows the city really well, and his upcoming film, The Runner, was filmed there.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Cage was kind enough to share suggestions for the city’s best restaurants.

“I would certainly recommend Cochon,” Cage told EW. “If you want a flame-roasted oyster, it’s absolutely one of the great taste sensations you shall ever have. I think your family will enjoy that. And then you have the old guard. The Commander’s Palace is an institution. It’s just a beautiful ambience, and they’re very nice people, and they really go above and beyond to give you that flavor and that experience that is unique to the city.”