What Snacks Do Inmates Request the Most? Ask the Palm Beach County Sheriff

Honey buns are on a two-year hot streak
What Snacks Do Inmates Request the Most? Ask the Palm Beach County Sheriff

Photo Modified: Flickr/Martin Bowling/CC 2.0

Snacks become pretty important at a time like this. 

Did you know that federal prisoners can buy snacks in their commissaries? From Jolly Ranchers to popcorn to Wheat Thins, those in the general population have access to snack and sundries — but no refunds. 

So which snacks are the most popular among inmates?

In the Palm Beach County Jail, honey buns are far and away the most popular snack item, according to the county sheriff’s Instagram account.

“For the last two years, honey buns are the number one inmate canteen seller,” the sheriff shared.

“Followed by peanut butter squares, ramen-chili noodles, and cocoa mix.”

In fact, honey buns are beloved by inmates all across Florida.

“Inmates in the Florida prison system buy 270,000 honey buns a month,” according to a 2010 article from the Tampa Bay Times.

“Across the state, they sell more than tobacco, envelopes, and cans of Coke.

And they’re just as popular among Tampa Bay’s county jails. In Pasco’s Land O’Lakes Detention Center, they’re outsold only by freeze-dried coffee and ramen noodles.”

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