This Is What It’s Like at New York City’s First-Ever Chick-fil-A at 6 AM


Even a hurricane warning wouldn’t deter folks from being the first to try New York City's Chick-fil-A.

Mail carriers may have some competition when it comes to fried chicken fans: neither wind, nor rain, nor gloom of night kept hundreds of chicken lovers from being the first to experience Chick-fil-A’s New York City grand opening. Last week, we reported that Chick-fil-A was handing out a year’s worth of free chicken to 100 of the first 300 customers.In the wee hours of Saturday morning, hundreds of Chick-fil-A enthusiasts were lined up on 36th Street with blankets and ponchos, just for the opportunity to win this delicious prize.

One customer, Ebony, waited in line all night with a portable chair, shawls, and a cup of coffee. She and her friends projected a movie onto a nearby blank billboard for entertainment. Many of the eager chicken fans were actually Southern transplants who just moved to New York, where the religious chicken chain is perhaps most famous. Although you had to be a New York City resident to take advantage of this supreme prize, someone like Nicholas, 23, from Atlanta told The Independent Journal that he remembers the chain fondly. William, 18, from North Carolina said that he waited almost 14 hours until the Chick-fil-A doors finally opened on Saturday morning.

This Chick-fil-A is the biggest location in America, and will be using produce, bread, and flour from local farms and manufacturers in New York and New Jersey.


Take a look at these lucky winners: