Werther’s to Give Out 1,000,000 Pieces of Caramel on National Caramel Day

A large candy bowl filled with Werther’s caramels will be in Times Square

People who visit the giant candy bowl will be rewarded with sweet treats.

Werther’s Original has a sweet treat for candy-lovers in NYC. For National Caramel Day, Tuesday, April 5, the caramel confectioner will distribute 1 million pieces of its caramel candies.

The main highlight of the celebration is a candy bowl six feet in diameter that will be filled with Werther’s caramels and stationed in Times Square, near a subway entrance, according to a release. Visitors are encouraged to BYOB (bring your own [candy] bowl), but Werther’s will also be handing out two caramel bags to each visitor.

Werther’s invites fans nationwide to guess the number of candies in the bowl with #ShareYourWerthers for a chance to win exclusive giveaways.

“We're so excited to be celebrating national caramel day in Times Square this year,” said Meredith Suffron, director of marketing for Werther's Original. “As one of the most beloved caramel brands, it just seemed fitting for us to reward caramel lovers with sweet treats on this special day. It's also a great opportunity for us to shed some light on our wide variety of products – including Werther's Original Soft Caramels, the newest addition to our delicious line and our softest caramel yet.”


Werther’s will be giving out samples of its four varieties, Werther's Original Caramel Hard Candies, Chewy Caramels, Creamy Caramel Filled, and Soft Caramel; beginning at 7 a.m. until noon, or until the candy runs out.