Wegmans' Scrapple Ice Cream: Was It Real Or Fake?

We've heard of ketchup and mayo ice cream, and even fried chicken ice cream was a temporary gimmick at a food festival in Japan. But is the world ready for scrapple-flavored ice cream?  Scrapple is a Pennsylvania Dutch load of pork scraps and mush, usually fried before it's served. The dish may be popular in the Mid-Atlantic, but even die-hard scrapple fans were grossed out when they saw a picture of Wegmans' scrapple ice cream making the rounds.

Thankfully though, the product has been confirmed as a fake. Western Pennsylvania media contacted Wegman's to confirm or deny the existence of this questionable frozen treat. They couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the Photoshopped image.

"Ice cream with...what?"  a bewildered Wegman's representative told Billy Penn. "Can you send me the pic?"

Good news though: There's a distillery in Delaware that sells scrapple-flavored vodka.