We Have Exhausted All Bacon Possibilities With Bacon Cotton Candy

We've had chocolate-covered bacon, bacon Pop-Tarts, and even a dating app for bacon-lovers called Sizzl.Lester's Fixins — a quirky confectionary company — has debuted bacon-flavored cotton candy, a sweet treat that nobody really asked for.

Costing about $3 per bag (or more than $8 on Amazon), the cotton candy is described as a bacon treat that "anyone should try once," although some reviews claim "it tastes like lighter fluid." One negative review from The Toronto Star said, "This is ordinary, sugary (and stale) cotton candy that's been tainted by the taste of fake pigs roasting over a fake fire. Eat some, and you'll be fixin' for some breath mints." Other reviewers said the "fun packaging alone" was enough for novelty collectors to buy.

This isn't the only bizarre concoction from Lester's Fixins. You can also buy bacon, sweet corn, peanut butter and jelly, and Buffalo wing-flavored sodas, if you're feeling adventurous.