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Watermelon Is the Only Fashion-Forward Accessory You Need This Summer

If want to change up your look, try a watermelon dress

I am Kulz / Shutterstock

Eat and wear your favorite summer fruit.

During Fourth of July weekend, social media exploded with a new fashion trend involving your favorite refreshing fruit: watermelon.

To get in on the summer fun, all you need is a slice of watermelon, some carving skills to create dress-shaped pieces, and a photographer-friend to capture fashion at its finest.

People have gotten creative — one Twitter user, Graciela Moreno, transformed herself into a watermelon princess with puffy-sleeves and a drawn-on crown.

Another user, Chaas Toborg, opted for a longer watermelon gown.

And — dare I say — the watermelon dress can even be office-appropriate.

If dresses aren’t your style, take inspiration from Madi Prieto, who tweeted a picture of what could possibly be the very first watermelon RompHim.


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