WATCH: A Tortilla Vinyl Play Music On A Record Player

Why shell out money for vinyl when you can go to the grocery store and buy a pack of tortillas to use instead? And no, this is not a joke (unlike this hilarious video).

Someone on Instructables found a way to laser cut tortillas to create the etches that appear on vinyl records. The writer notes that uncooked Canasta flour tortillas worked best because they don't shred and have fewer lumps. These tortillas are nine inches, which is ideal: the tracks on the outer edge of records sound better because they are more spread out than those toward the center. The tortilla record inventor also found that it is better to use room-temperature tortillas, because they are softer.

The writer used a laser cutter machine to convert a music file into etches on the tortilla.

It took 30 minutes to put a 30-second clip onto the tortilla, and the Instructables writer concluded: "The tortillas are edible, but taste rather burnt where the laser has to work harder to slice apart the edges. Of course, cooking them removes the possibility of playing them."