Watch: ‘MythBusters’ Alum Grant Imahara Reverse-Engineers McDonald’s French Fries


Of course McDonald’s fries are made from potatoes (and 18 other ingredients).

Former MythBusters Build Team member Grant Imahara continues to be one of the few bright spots in the McDonald’s marketing machine with his latest partnership video, in which Imahara reverse-engineers the McDonald’s fry.

Starting from the end of the fry process, Imahara explores how the frozen fry is created, including an initial partial freeze to retain a crispy exterior, an “ingredient dip” during which fries are treated to a medley of dextrose (for color) and sodium acid pyrophosphate (to keep from greying after freezing).

This is all about maintaining consistency all throughout this process,” Imahara reminds us. “It’s no wonder that these fries always taste the same."

In total, Imahara takes us through 19 ingredients, some of which you’ll likely recognize, some that you won’t, and some that will surprise you (like “natural beef flavor”).

Watch the videos below for a closer look at McDonald’s fries that the company hopes will make you feel all warm and fuzzy about their potatoes. Since last year, Imahara has maintained a partnership with the company in which the ex-MythBuster acts as the face of the company’s Our Food, Your Questions campaign, designed to give customers a closer look at McDonald’s ingredients and production.