WATCH: Man Pours Molten Copper Over McDonald's Big Mac, Nothing Happens

Someone call up Marvel, we have a new superhero impervious to damage — especially mold and molten metal: the Big Mac.

We've all seen the photos of the decades-old McDonald's meals that show no signs of aging, but this guy takes it to the extreme.[slideshow: In a mesmerizing video, he pours molten copper — reaching temperatures of 1,984 degrees Fahrenheit — over a Big Mac. Miraculously, the bun is singed almost immediately, but the burger itself remains unscathed.

Even when this guy takes the bun off and pours the molten copper directly over the patty itself, the copper seems to mostly slide off, only charring the burger slightly. It's only when he takes each layer of the Big Mac and individually places it directly in the scalding pool of melted metal that the seemingly indestructible fast food meal is finally destroyed. The metal burger mix eventually cools down and melds together in a kind-of charred metallic ring that looks like it came out of the center of a volcano.

But is this really indicative of McDonald's burger as an inorganic, unidentifiable substance? Not really, according to an explanation on Reddit.

"Because the burger has a high water content, and that water instantly boils into steam which creates a layer of steam insulating the burger from the molten metal. It's not too different from the demonstration of the old trick of dipping a wet finger in molten lead (cooler but still pretty hot)."

We'll be waiting for the Snopes explanation on this one.