WATCH: Drone Air-Drops Burger King Whoppers Down to Homeless Population of San Francisco

In 2014, the ‘Whopper Dropper’ drone fed the homeless population from up above, and this video sums up the experience

No one is quite sure about the purpose of the Whopper Dropper experiment. 

Let them eat fast food burgers. Footage of a drone air-dropping Burger King Whoppers down to the homeless population of San Francisco has resurfaced after airing last year.

The device is aptly called the Whopper Dropper, and was created by DroneLyfe, a San Francisco-based production company specializing in aerial video production.DroneLyfe teamed up with Los Angeles filmmaker Mitch Surette in 2014 to create a video of the multi-copter drone dropping burgers into the hands of the needy citizens of San Francisco’s streets.

You can see the video, with the surprised, shocked, and happy burger recipient stars, below.


There has been speculation lately about the origin story behind the Whopper Dropper. Kristopher Kneen, the brains behind DroneLyfe, confirmed with Pop Science that this was not a publicity stunt, and said that it was not sponsored by Burger King: he just liked the catchy name that came out of the experiment. The whole thing was basically a “proof of concept” experiment to test out the newest drone prototype. Next up? Dropping $1,000 in cash over a large crowd in a park. Sign us up for that one!