WATCH: Corgis Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's Reign With A Royal Tea Party

Kellogg's may have made a special cereal in honor of Queen Elizabeth II's status as the longest-reigning queen in the British monarchy, but these corgis ceremoniously celebrated by attending a royal tea party in her honor.

Queen Elizabeth II has been a British monarch for over 63 years, which is quite a feat. It's also no secret that she has a soft spot for corgis. So, Mashable invited four corgis to celebrate the occasion with tea and biscuits (though it was actually just water and dog biscuits). They broke out special china, just for the occasion.

Hazel Bear, Missy, Newton, and Wally gathered around the lap water and eat biscuits with each other. One of them dressed up with a polka dot bowtie. Some used their table manners and ate over the table, while others were extremely excited and walked on the table!

Though the dogs probably don't know who Queen Elizabeth is, they were probably just happy to have a bunch of biscuits with their friends.