Walkers Shortbread Adapts Recipe For The First Time In A Century To Introduce Gluten-Free Line

For the first time in 116 years, the classic Walkers Shortbread recipe has been adapted for the gluten-intolerant. First established in Scotland in 1898, Walkers is the leading brand of food exported from Scotland, and new recipes are taste-tested by members of the Walker family to this day.

In the coming months, Walkers Gluten Free Shortbread will be available at retailers across the country in three options:  Gluten-Free Pure Butter Shortbread, Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Shortbread, and Gluten-Free Ginger & Lemon Shortbread. If you can't wait, Walkers Gluten-Free Shortbread is available for purchase online.

"We are delighted to introduce a gluten-free option to the Walkers Shortbread line, allowing everyone the opportunity to enjoy this delicious traditional treat without compromising on taste," said Jim Walker, managing director of Walkers Shortbread. "With so many now suffering from food intolerances, we feel it is important to create choices for all and are proud to have the unique offering of traditional shortbread, which is certified gluten-free. With three different options, there really is something for everyone to enjoy."