Walgreens Launches Limited-Edition Jamaican Jerk Pringles

The new chip flavor ranked second in a consumer poll on Twitter

The new flavor is described as having a medium-heat spice flavor.

Pringles has produced some interesting flavors in the past, from sweet Sugar Cookie and Pecan Pie to more savory Kickin’ Chicken Taco and Cheese Burger. This month, there’s a new flavor available, and you can only get it at Walgreens.

The Jamaican Jerk Pringles are “smoky,” “salty,” and “spicy,” according to Caribbean Journal. Although they don’t seem to have that genuine jerk taste, they are described as having a more BBQ chicken-like flavor.

Some of the chips’ listed ingredients include paprika, onion and garlic powders, and smoke flavoring.

However, Jamaican Jerk isn’t the only exclusive flavor available this month — Walgreens also has Cheddar BBQ chips in stock.


Last August, Walgreens took to Twitter to ask its followers what flavor they wanted to see next. The options were Jamaican Jerk, Sweet Thai Chili, Original Hot Sauce, and Cheddar BBQ. Cheddar BBQ received the most votes at 36 percent, and Jamaican Jerk received the second most votes at 20 percent.