This Waitress Paid Her Customer’s Bill and Got New Teeth in Return

A New Jersey diner waitress was touched when her customer listened to her problems: Now she has a set of brand-new teeth

Now she really has something to smile about.

What goes around comes around, as they say. One New Jersey diner waitress is flashing a brand-new set of pearly whites after serving a customer who just happened to be a dentist and offered to perform her dental work for free. The story behind that act of kindness is truly remarkable.

Darlene Andamasaria — a waitress at a diner in Wall, New Jersey, had gotten in a bad car accident six years ago that had left her teeth cracked and broken. Her disfigured smile, along with other personal and financial hardships, had left Andasmaria depressed. One day in November, she waited on Kevin Moseman and his wife. During the dinner, Moseman sensed something was off about his waitress and invited her to open up to him.

“They listened to my every word, every single word, and I said they were interested in what I was saying,” she told CBS.

Andamasaria noticed that their check was $20.22; her deceased father’s lucky numbers had been “222.”

“After he passed away, he said if you ever see ‘222’ I’ll be thinking of you,” she said. So she paid the bill for the Moseman family.

But the kindness did not stop there. Moseman, a dentist, fixed Andamasaria’s teeth a few weeks later, free of charge.


“I have my life back,” she said tearfully.