Waitress Fired After Writing Racial Comment on a Couple’s Receipt

‘I was thinking, “Really? Are we still doing this in 2015?”’

This was the receipt that Kimberli Wilson and her companion were given at Patrick's Westport Grill.

A waitress in St. Louis, Missouri, was fired after she labeled customers as a “Black Couple” on the receipt.

Kimberli Wilson was dining at Patrick’s Westport Grill in Westport Plaza. She told FOX2 St. Louis that the waitress wrote “Black Couple” on the receipt. “I was frustrated. I was angry. I was thinking, ‘Really? Are we still doing this in 2015?’” Wilson told FOX2 St. Louis.

Patrick Hanon, owner of Patrick’s Westport Grill, said that he has never encountered a situation like this since the restaurant opened in 1983. Hanon wrote an apology on the restaurant’s Facebook page and fired the waitress. He also offered Wilson and her companion complimentary food and drinks.

Hanon said that the waitress wrote those words on the receipt because she could not remember the table numbers, even though Wilson said she and her companion were sitting right by the restaurant entrance.


Hanon said that the restaurant has a no-tolerance policy for this type of behavior and is reevaluating the employee hiring, training, and screening process. “I have always treated my customers as family and encourage my employees to do so as well,” Hanon wrote on the Facebook page.