Volkswagen Sold More Sausages Than Cars In 2015

"So we slap our name on some sausages. What's the wurst that could happen?"

Volkswagen, once one of the most popular cars seen on the road in America and abroad, faces a looming fate of bankruptcy. To illustrate the company's financial woes following its fumes emission scandal, Volkswagen apparently sold more German sausages in 2015 than it did cars.

Before you scratch your head in confusion, Volkswagen created its own brand of currywurst sausages in 1973 that were initially sold in the car manufacturer's factory in Wolfsburg. It was initially a gimmicky side business but in 2015, 7.2 million sausages were sold compared to worldwide sales of 5.82 million cars last year, according to NBC News.

The popularity of the sausages exploded in 2013 when Volkswagen released a promotional cartoon touting the quality of their currywurst. They are deemed to be some of the best sausages in Germany, and aren't as bad on the waistline.

"These sausages do not only taste good, but they have only half the fat of normal sausages," the promotional clip said.

Perhaps the sausage/car ratio shouldn't come across as too much of a surprise: In 2013 and 2014, Volkswagen also sold more sausages than cars.