Vegan Eatery Creates A Donut Decorated With Mini Donuts Topped With Even Smaller Donuts

Forget pizzaception, vegan eatery The Cinnamon Snail has created Inception Donuts: donuts on donuts on donuts.

More precisely, the Inception Donut is a maple raspberry-stuffed donut decorated with miniature donuts, which are decorated with even smaller donuts. They were available at The Cinnamon Snail's outpost at The Pennsy last Thursday and Friday on a first come, first served basis.

On how the donuts are made, the company details in an Instagram post, "How do we make these special donuts you ask? A gaggle of wild unicorns stampedes through our Brooklyn culinary cloud castle at night (don't worry, that's totally ok with the D.O.H.), and sprinkles magical unicorn dust on regular donut flavored donuts, to cause a chain reaction, where the 'teddy-bear-man' comes down from his rainbow wizard ward to transform the united states into a kingdom of happy rainbows from sea to shining sea."

Gothamist details that the bottom donut is the only "legit donut." The middle donuts are sugar cookies and the top donuts are a "Cheerio-type cereal" which is hand-decorated with vegan royal icing. The donuts were sold for $7, in comparison to other donut offerings at The Cinnamon Snail, which are $2.

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