Vanilla Cupcake M&M’s Are the Latest Flavor to Grace the Candy Aisle

Vanilla Cupcake has been leaked as the official M&M’s spring/Easter flavor

Just in case your M&M’s needed to be sweeter.

M&M’s have become almost as synonymous with crazy seasonal flavors as Oreo. Not to disappoint candy fans, M&M’s just announced its upcoming Easter/spring flavor: Vanilla Cupcake. Like most of the limited edition M&M varieties, this one is only available at one retail outlet, Target, where it will start popping up on shelves by Feb. 19, after the Valentine’s Day rush.

Announcement of the new flavor has not yet been made by Mars, Inc., the candy’s maker, but was leaked on Instagram by Junk Food Banter.

The spring-friendly candies will reportedly have a white chocolate base and are coated in pastel-colored candy shells in pink, green, blue, lavender, and yellow — the perfect colorful assortment for an Easter basket. Last year’s Easter variety was the ever-popular Strawberry Shortcake, and Vanilla Cupcake is sure to make just as much of a splash.


This is just the latest limited-edition M&M flavor we’ve seen over the past year; others included white cheesecake, caramel-filled, and the fan-chosen coffee nut flavor.