Two Michelin-Starred Restaurant 42 Grams Is Closing But Not for the Reason You Think

The Chicago restaurant with eight seats and a $391 tasting menu is not closing for financial reasons

42 Grams restaurant, pictured with chef Jake Bickelhaupt out front in April 2014, has closed

42 grams in Chicago is not closing for financial reasons, and refunds will be issued, according to a closing notice on the restaurant’s website.

“To anyone speculating that people need to support their fine dining establishments more, we are not closing for financial reasons,” stated the notice signed “Alexa.” General manager Alexa Welsh co-owns the Michelin two-starred Uptown restaurant with chef and husband Jake Bickelhaupt.

News of the immediate closure broke Sunday night via the restaurant’s Twitter account, which has since been deleted.

“To anyone with reservations this week and through the end of July, refunds will be issued. Please bear with me as I juggle so many moving pieces,” states the notice on the 42 grams website.


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