Twix Candy Now Comes in Creamy Spreadable Form

Mars has released a Twix spread made with chocolate, caramel, and cookie pieces, sadly for UK customers only

Move over Nutella… a new chocolate spread has come to tantalize our taste buds.

This is probably the most delicious news we’ve heard all day: Mars has announced a new chocolaty spread made with Twix.Unfortunately the creamy, chocolate-caramel spread with intermingling cookie bits is only available in the U.K. (at least for now).

Of course, us American chocoholics are disappointed, but perhaps the popularity and excitement over a Twix bar that you can spread on toast (or lick with a spoon) will hop the pond soon.

According to a review from The Review Addict, the Twix spread may not be worth the purchase:

“The chocolate and caramel together made for a fairly mild yet enjoyable flavor. I could taste both elements but it didn't pack as much of chocolate a punch as Nutella does. The biscuit which was more like crumbs than pieces added a nice crunch but I couldn't really taste it.”


This isn’t the only Mars candy bar you can get in spreadable form: Milky Way, Mars Bars, and a host of chocolates of British origin are also available in squeezable topping and sauce form. Sadly, these, too, are only for lucky U.K. customers.