Trump Quietly Deposed in José Andrés Civil Lawsuit

Donald Trump sat for a sworn deposition testimony inside Trump Tower on Thursday in relation to the José Andrés lawsuit

Just two weeks before taking office, Trump quietly deals with the lingering legal issues that plague his pre-presidency.

Donald Trump has taken some time out of his busy schedule as president-elect to be deposed in a lawsuit against chef José Andrés, who dropped out of his DC hotel contract with Trump last year as a protest against the then-presidential candidate’s harsh words against immigrants. Trump sat for a sworn, videotaped deposition in Trump Tower on Thursday, according to Politico.

Andrés had previously called for an end to the legal battle, which resulted in a double counter-lawsuit (including chef Geoffrey Zakarian who also dropped out of the Trump Hotel DC contract). Trump has made no known response to this request.


There have only ever been four other presidents in United States history who have sat for a legal deposition prior to or after taking office: Bill Clinton for the sexual harassment lawsuit, Ulysses S. Grant to clear his name during the Whiskey Ring scandals, Gerald Ford after his own assassination attempt, and Jimmy Carter twice for a gambling conspiracy and grand jury investigation.