Trend Alert: It's Now Acceptable To Add Cotton Candy To Pizza And Ice Cream

Cotton candy is usually associated with the summer carnivals of our childhood. But there's more than one way to eat this fluffy treat, thanks to a new trend that has restaurants and cafes topping ice cream, lemonade, and pizza with cotton candy.

We first wrote about Snow Day lemonade a couple of weeks ago during a particularly brutal snowstorm. At Cafe Maji in California, lemonade is poured over cotton candy which then "melts" just like snow and turns the lemonade purple.

That sounds pretty reasonable, but what about cotton candy over pizza? Schmatz Beer Dining, a chain in Tokyo, is celebrating Sakura Matsuri (cherry blossom season) with cherry blossom cotton candy pizza. The three-cheese, thin-crust pizza is topped with a mound of cotton candy with cherry blossoms floating in it, which begs the question: How would one go about consuming such an unusual delicacy?

If cotton candy-smothered pizza sounds a bit too much for you, cotton candy topped with an ice cream sundae just may be the mashup dessert of your dreams. Served at the famously over-the-top Room for Dessert café in the Philippines, there's no need for bowls or plates with this treat: The plentiful ice cream sundaes are snugly nestled on pink and blue clouds of pure sugar. It's probably wise to eat these quickly, however, before you end up with a puddle on the floor.

If all else fails (Or you don't find yourself anywhere near Tokyo or the Philippines), Barton G's, a dessert spot in Miami, has created a towering (and hopefully wearable!) wig out of cotton candy. Calling all Marge Simpsons fans!