Tractor-Trailer Carrying 70,000 Pounds of Bacon Collides with Amtrak Train

No one was injured, but there was bacon everywhere

Time to play the bacon lottery. 

A Chicago-bound Amtrak train had an unfortunate encounter with a tractor-trailer carrying 70,000 pounds of bacon that was “obstructing the tracks” last Friday, June 5 — the same day we reported on Indiana’s amazing bacon lottery.

The train, Texas Eagle Train 22, collided with the truck near Illinois Route 53, and managed to overturn the truck, splitting it in half.

“There's boxes everywhere [sic],” a passenger told NBC Chicago. “But somehow the driver was OK.”

None of the crew or passengers were injured in the crash, but we assume all hope for the bacon was lost.

However, if there were any opportunities for passengers to grab a pack of bacon or two, we hope they moved swiftly.  


It was a sad day for bacon lovers everywhere, although it’s as good a time as any for that truck driver to start playing that bacon lottery, which offers a few chances to win two decades worth of bacon.