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Tourist ‘Borrows’ Pizza Hut Delivery Vehicle to Catch Last-Minute Flight

And he is most likely going to get away with it

One man takes in interesting approach to ridesharing by taking a Pizza Hut delivery vehicle left running outside his hotel to make a last minute flight to Chicago.

Vermont tourist Quinn McElwain was reported missing by his friends after they had gotten into an argument during their stay at Elk Country Inn. An hour later, a Pizza Hut delivery vehicle (Toyota RAV4) left running outside the same hotel was reported stolen, reports Jackson Hole Daily.

“We figured that they would be related,” Lieutenant Nethercott said. “We received some information from his party that it’s possible he’d leave the area and would try to fly out.” By the time the police figured out where McElwain was headed, he was already in transit.

An attempt to intercept the suspect at Chicago O’Hare International airport failed as the police ended up at the wrong gate. The pizza vehicle was left in the parking lot and was returned to the delivery driver.

McElwain cannot be charged with grand theft auto because he “did not intend to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle,” says Nethercott.

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