Tom Colicchio Sued For Labor Violations At 'Wichcraft

A new lawsuit from former employees at Tom Colicchio's East Village 'wichcraft location allege that Colicchio and his partners have violated labor laws "by allegedly paying workers below minimum wage, docking tips and denying them overtime," according to Page Six. The class action lawsuit was filed in a Manhattan court by two female former Queens employees, who worked as delivery drivers at 'wichcraft.

Other complaints from the plaintiffs include an accusation of "time-shaving," by forcing workers to change in and out of their uniforms off the clock, and by making them pay for their own uniform dry-cleaning. Another more disturbing accusation is of the atmosphere of sexual harassment at 'wichcraft. From Page Six: "the suit also accuses the restaurateurs of running a boys' club, with plaintiff Lourdes Rivera saying her bosses turned a blind eye in August after a male co-worker took video of her changing in a locker room" Rivera then went on to say that her bosses asked her to not contact cops, and deleted the video evidence.

A spokesperson for Colicchio has stated in response to the lawsuit, "we are looking into the allegations and will respond accordingly."

This isn't the first time Colicchio has faced labor accusations in court. A similar case where a former employee from Craftbar complained of unfairly pooled tips was settled in 2009.