Toblerone Changes Its Iconic Triangular Shape, Angers Chocolate Fans

Toblerone has changed the shape of its iconic chocolate bar to make the ‘peaks’ smaller and the ‘valleys’ larger

Tobler-oh no! Some things must stay sacred.

Toblerone, the Swiss chocolate bar that has a voracious following, angered its fans this week with the announcement of a brand-new shape.The Toblerone bar is notably made in a triangular shape — mimicking the outline of the Swiss Alps — but Toblerone’s maker has reconfigured the shape to have wider “valleys” and shorter “peaks,” which makes for a smaller chocolate bar.

The 170-gram and 400-gram milk chocolate bars have been downsized in only the U.K. to reduce costs, according to parent company Mondolez International. But that hasn’t stopped angry Toblerone fans from expressing their outrage, especially since the prices have not been altered to reflect the smaller bar. 

“We need to make sure it remains on shelves and it’s still affordable,” Gemma Pryor, a Mondolez spokeswoman, told The New York Times. “It would be disingenuous to make the link between this and Brexit.”


Mondolez also pointed out that the recipe has remained the same, and that the descendants of Theodor Tobler — the inventor of the bar — have insisted that the Toblerone shape was inspired by a pyramid of French dancers in Paris, not the Swiss Matterhorn.