Tired of the Wait at Popular Restaurants? Donate to Charity and Skip the Line

CharityWait allows you to be seated next at a restaurant with a long waiting list if you donate to charity
Tired of the Wait at Popular Restaurants? Donate to Charity and Skip the Line

Feel good about helping a good cause and wait less time for your dinner? Sounds like a win-win.

Have you ever arrived at one of your favorite restaurants during the dinner rush only to find that there’s a two-hour wait to be seated? There’s an app for that, and it’ll get you in touch with your philanthropic spirit, too. CharityWait, a subset of the electronic restaurant reservation list SmartLine, allows you to be the next party seated if you donate to charity using their app.

“The initial response from restaurants & charities has been tremendous,” said Daniel Reitman, co-founder and CEO of SmartLine and CharityWait, in a statement. “Even before we officially announced our launch, we had over 150 restaurants sign up.”

CharityWait works with a number of nonprofits that help feed, clothe, provide water for, and educate people around the world, including Hope for Hope (providing education, nutrition, and water for children worldwide), Aid for Africa (working with children and families in Africa), Water to Thrive (providing clean water for underdeveloped African countries), and Rock-Can-Roll (providing food for the hungry through rock music).

Restaurants are still joining SmartLine to participate in CharityWait (the restaurants do not earn money from the app), and right now there are hundreds of participants nationwide. Participating eateries include Kotobuki on Long Island, Chez Lucienne in Harlem, and Jado Sushi in Harlem.

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