Third Death In Colorado Linked To Marijuana Edibles Overdose

Since the legalization of marijuana, Colorado has had a lot to cheer about. Besides the obvious medicinal and recreational advantages, the state has racked up $51 million in tax revenues from the sales of marijuana and marijuana edibles alone. But there is a darker side to the recent legalization.  A bill was just upheld requiring strict labeling standards to identify marijuana edibles and their recommended dosages, and these products could be very dangerous when suggested limits are exceeded. Luke Goodman, 23, allegedly committed suicide during a ski trip in Colorado after ingesting five marijuana-laced candies, or 50 mg of marijuana, even though the recommended maximum serving size is just one candy. According to Food Safety News, this is the third death in Colorado related to marijuana edibles ingestion post-legalization.

Goodman's cousin, Fowler, told police that the two had bought $78 worth of marijuana and edibles. After they ingested the edible pot, Goodman allegedly kept "popping the candy in his mouth" when he didn't feel the effects of the THC right away. The back of the container says "The intoxicating effects of this product may be delayed by two or more hours... the standardized serving size for this product includes no more than 10 mg." Afterward, Fowler said that his cousin began speaking incoherently, then grabbed his handgun and shot himself.

Although toxicology results will take several weeks, Fowler's mother told CBS News, "It was 100 percent the drugs.... It was completely because of the drugs — he had consumed so much of it."