Thieves Stole Famous Pitmaster John Mueller’s Barbecue Pit

John Mueller of the eponymous barbecue joint in Austin, Texas tweeted the unfortunate news that his pit was stolen
Thieves Stole Famous Pitmaster John Mueller’s Barbecue Pit


We’re hoping his pit is found real soon: We know of some tender brisket that needs eating.

It’s a carnivorous catastrophe.John Mueller of John Mueller’s Meat Co. in Austin, Texas, has reported his barbecue pit—a pitmaster’s greatest tool—stolen. Mueller, a third-generation Texas pitmaster, tweeted that he arrived to work on Thursday to discover his largest pit missing, and has since reported it stolen to police.

Mueller expressed his frustration that the pit was not recovered, despite his efforts to give back to the community.

But the show (or, rather, the smoky, succulent meats) must go on, as they say. John Mueller Meat Co. will stay open during the police investigation, although meat production will effectively be cut in half, according to local newspaper The Statesman.


The pit has not yet been recovered, and Mueller may have to purchase a new one. He traveled to Houston this past weekend for the fourth annual “Q for a Cause” charity fundraiser, which raises money for homeless veterans.