Thief with Sweet Tooth Steals $2,400 Worth of Hershey NutRageous Bars

He even cut the padlock on the trailer to get to the candy
Thief with Sweet Tooth Steals $2,400 Worth of Hershey NutRageous Bars


The truck driver was asleep at the time of the candy larceny.  

Police are on the lookout for a thief who managed to nab 24 cases of NutRageous bars from a delivery truck, according to the Augusta Chronicle.

At $100 per case, the thief is now in possession of $2,400 worth of chocolate bars.

Earlier this week, Richmond County police were called to a truck stop on Gun Club Road after a truck driver realized that someone had broken into his trailer while he was sleeping and stolen a full pallet of NutRageous bars.

The thief is believed to have cut through the trailer’s padlock with an unknown tool in order to access the truck’s contents.

If police are lucky, they might be able to find a telling trail of candy bars like those left behind by the thieves who couldn’t wait until they got home to eat the macaroni salad, or the gas station robber whose trail of junk food and nacho stains led police directly to him.

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