Green bean casserole still remains an all-American favorite.


These Were the Most Googled Recipes, Diets, Drinks, and Chefs in 2016

Green bean casserole was the most Googled recipe in 2016, while Budweiser was the most searched-for beer
Green bean casserole still remains an all-American favorite.


Green bean casserole still remains an all-American favorite.

What did dinner in America this year look like? According to Google search trends, it was a green bean casserole and Brussels sprouts washed down with a glass of sangria or can of Budweiser. Google just released its top search trends for 2016 based on accumulative user data.

Last year was dominated by pumpkin seeds and pizza, while 2014 was all about chicken recipes and margaritas. In 2016, the top recipe searches were for green bean casseroles, Brussels sprouts and hash brown casseroles, while Budweiser reigned king amongst beer inquiries. Anthony Bourdain — why are we not surprised? — was the chef people most wanted to learn more about.

You can find the full list of food and drink search trends below:


1.            Green Bean Casserole

2.            Brussels Sprouts

3.            Hashbrown Casserole

4.            Guacamole

5.            Chicken Marsala

6.            Chicken Tetrazzini

7.            Snow Cream

8.            Buttercream Frosting

9.            Pork Chops

10.          Turkey Gravy


1.            GOLO Diet

2.            Taco Diet

3.            Military Diet Substitutes

4.            Atkins 40

5.            Ketogenic Diet Foods

6.            Dissociated Diet

7.            The Wild Diet

8.            Pizza Diet

9.            Dukan Diet Results

10.          Mono Diet


1.            Budweiser America

2.            Coors

3.            Treehouse Brewing

4.            Delirium Tremens  

5.            Snake Venom  

6.            Trillium Brewery

7.            India Pale Ale

8.            Tired Hands Brewing

9.            Goose Island

10.          Maui Brewing Company


1.            Sangria

2.            Martini

3.            Strawberry daiquiri

4.            Sex on the beach

5.            Mojito

6.            Old Fashioned

7.            Hot toddy

8.            Rusty nail

9.            Mimosa

10.          White Russian


1.            Anthony Bourdain

2.            Guy Fieri

3.            Marco Pierre White

4.            Nobu Matsuhisa

5.            Jacques Pépin

6.            Benoit Violier

7.            Charlie Palmer


8.            Daniel Humm