These Cotton Candy Pop Rock French Fries Actually Exist

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Sticky’s Finger Joint in New York unveiled this sweet, hot mess on 4/20, of course
These Cotton Candy Pop Rock French Fries Actually Exist
Sticky’s Finger Joint

We imagine this would be on the menu at a restaurant run by kindergarteners.

We’ve seen some pretty outrageous French fry concoctions in the past, like bacon mac ‘n’ cheese fries from Jonesy’s Eat Bar in Denver and kimchi fries at Del Seoul, but this just might be the weird fried potato concoction to rule them all: cotton candy French fries.

Sticky’s Finger Joint in New York City, an artisanal chicken finger shop, just appropriately unveiled on April 20 a new menu special: French fries covered in cotton candy, strawberry syrup, and pop rocks. This sugar-bombed bad boy is basically the carnival food kitchen sink treat of your dreams (or nightmares, depending on how far your junk food palate is willing to stretch). Sticky’s was also willing to make them in chicken finger form.

Unfortunately, it looks like the cotton candy French fries were a one-day-only special, but hopefully they’ll be making the rounds again soon. This isn’t the first time Sticky’s has forayed into the sweet-meets-savory spin on French fries: last summer they served s’mores fries. What will they fry up next?

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