Unsurprisingly, the South prevails with romantic dinners.


These Are the Most Romantic Cities in America

OpenTable compiled user and restaurant data to label the 25 most romantic cities in America
Unsurprisingly, the South prevails with romantic dinners.


Unsurprisingly, the South prevails with romantic dinners.

Where in America can you experience the most romantic meal? OpenTable compiled data on restaurants labeled as romantic, percentage of eateries with tables for two, and number of Valentine’s Day reservations to unveil the 25 most romantic restaurants in America.  The winner is, unsurprisingly, in the South.

“Food is the universal language of love, so it’s not surprising that romance and dining go hand in hand,” said Caroline Potter, chief dining officer for OpenTable, in a statement. “Diners in the cities on this year’s list, from uber-hip Brooklyn to steamy Miami Beach, are seeking out delicious, intimate dining experiences and proving that romance is alive and well across the nation.”

If you’re looking to woo a special someone this Valentine’s Day, or any other time of year, you’ll be in luck with any table for two in these cities. Here’s the list:

#25 Atlanta

#24 Chicago

#23 Cincinnati

#22 Indianapolis

#21 Nashville

#20 San Diego

#19 Philadelphia

#18 Houston

#17 Dallas

#16 Miami Beach

#15 Scottsdale, Ariz.

#14 Portland, Ore.

#13 Lahaina, Hawaii

#12 Louisville, Ky.

#11 Charlotte, N.C.

#10 Baltimore

#9 Austin

#8 Kansas City, Mo.

#7 Charleston, S.C.

#6 Richmond, Va.

#5 Brooklyn

#4 Memphis

#3 Savannah, Ga.

#2 St. Louis

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#1 Oklahoma City