The Texas Rangers Are Serving Cotton Candy Hot Dogs For The Playoffs

A cotton candy hot dog? Cheetos chili pie? Sounds bizarre, but it's actually available in Texas.

To kick off the Texas Rangers' post-season playoff game, Delaware North Sportservice, the baseball team's catering company, will be offering four crazy stadium concoctions at Global Life Park in Arlington.

One of the desserts is called the Elvis Jabberdog Brownie — a two-foot-long brownie that is rolled in a Rice Krispies crust, dipped in funnel cake batter, then deep-fried and topped with whipped cream. There will also be an Elvis Jabberdog Brownie Jr., which will be half the size of the original.

The weirdest combination is the Sweet Spot Cotton Candy Dog. This concoction is a beef hot dog topped with cotton candy-infused mustard and pieces of cotton candy. The other hot dog, the Inside-Out Hot Dog, is a one-pound frank stuffed with either macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes and topped with brisket, chili, or shredded chicken on a pretzel hot dog bun.

Finally, they are offering the One-Pound Top-N-Go Cheetos — a one-pound bag of Cheetos topped with a choice of chili, ground beef, shredded chicken, brisket, nacho cheese, and jalapeño peppers.