The “boy genius” of cooking is growing up.


Teen Chef Flynn McGarry Is Opening Another Pop-Up Restaurant

Flynn McGarry, the amateur chef known as the ‘Justin Bieber of the culinary world,’ is opening a restaurant pop-up this fall

Flynn McGarry, 17 — often referred to as the “Justin Bieber of the culinary world” — has already opened his own pop-up and has been hosting his own supper club since he was a pre-teen. Now the prodigy chef is opening yet another pop-up this October at Kava in New York City’s West Village featuring a $160 tasting menu.

Starting Oct. 1, McGarry will be offering a casual lunch menu, and Oct. 18 will kick off a six-month pop-up at Kava’s eight-seat chef’s counter, featuring dishes like sea urchin with carrots and coffee, poached oysters with fresh tofu and potato skins, and an aged beet, according to Grub Street.

You can make a reservation at the pop-up starting this week, but if you’re out of luck, Kava will transform the rest of its restaurant into a wine bar.

This will be McGarry’s second pop-up chef's counter in two years — the first, Eureka, was based off of his supper series hosted at his mother’s home for several years.

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McGarry is not without his critics. Last year, Steve Cuozzo of the New York Post wrote a scathing review of Eureka, and said, “This is proof that kids should stay out of the kitchen.” Chef David Santos went on a rant against the teen, saying that “being a chef is not about playing dress-up,” and lamenting that McGarry should pay his dues like every other culinary professional.