Teen Asks Mom to Pack Extra Lunch Every Day for Boy Who Can’t Afford It

Dylan, 14, asked his mom to pack two lunches every day: one for himself and one for a fellow student

Don't be scared to say something and don't be scared to be nice,” Josette Duran said in a Facebook post about her son.

What does kindness cost? For the Duran family in Albuquerque, only a couple extra slices of bread and a pack of chips.Dylan, 14, surprised his mom during the second week of school by asking her to pack two school lunches. At first Josette Duran, 38, thought her teenage son was just extra hungry, but he told her he wanted to give the second lunch to a classmate who couldn’t afford to make or buy lunch and ate only a fruit cup every day.

Duran began sending extra sandwiches, snacks, and encouraging notes to both her son and his new friend every day. One day, Duran was approached by the boy’s mother, who thanked her and tried to pay her back for all of those extra lunches, she said.


"She [the mother] told me, 'Thank you for feeding him. He's doing better in school,' and that my son is his best friend,” Duran said in a Facebook video in which she recounted the heartwarming story. “She says, ‘I know this isn’t much, but I just got a job and I know you’ve been feeding my son.’”