Tech Startup Raises $1 Million To Launch A 3-D Pizza Printer

BeeHex, a 3-D food printing company, has completed its first seed round, raising $1 million to launch its first product, a pizza printer called Chef 3D.

The food robot company initially intended to create 3-D printers for a NASA project that would enable astronauts to make food in space, Tech Crunch reported.

Instead, the company adapted the concept for the commercial market and has even partnered with chef Pasquale Cozzolino (the man also known for losing nearly 100 pounds by eating pizza) to create a gluten-free pizza crust with 80-year-old mother yeast.

In the long-run, BeeHex aims to create printing products that allow personalized snacks and meals to be printed on the spot, co-founder Jordan French told Tech Crunch.

In terms of pizza, this means being able to customize the shape of pies to resemble a favorite cartoon character or create a gluten-free snack for those with allergies.

The company also has plans for BeeHex software and mobile apps to allow customers to place orders in commercial kitchens.

To see the printer in action, you can go to the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, where BeeHex will be making a public appearance from March 27 to March 29.